How Is Rockwool Made?

Green Diamond Stonewool is manufactured in North America. Stonewool is also known as mineral wool, or rockwool. The manufacturing process uses basalt, volcanic rocks which is melted in a high temperature furnace, blown with air that create fibers (similar to spinning cotton candy), compressed and cut.

The Advantages of Stonewool

The use of Green Diamond Stonewool substrate offers many advantages. The controlled manufacturing process consistently delivers a high quality grow medium. The sterile production under extreme temperature ensures that the product is clean and sterile. Its unique hydrophilic fibre also makes the cultivation on stonewool substrate very easy to control. The grower can administer the amount of water and nutrients the crops need in a very directed and controlled manner, to achieve optimal growing results.How Is Rockwool Made

Efficient use of water and nutrients keeps yield per square metre high, and energy consumption per unit of product low. Additionally, the product is lightweight, making it easy to use. Green Diamond stonewool is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly product.


  • Constant, controlled quality
  • Clean: contains no contaminants
  • Optimum control range
  • High yield at high quality
  • Saves on water and nutrients
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Easy to use
  • 100% recyclable
  • Sustainable and environmentally-friendly