Green Diamond Stonewool

Hydroponic Rockwool Supplies

Hydroponic rockwool is an inert material made from melted basalt and chalk. The molten rock is spun into fibers and then formed into different shapes for use as a growing medium in hydroponics.

Green Diamond Stonewool offers various sizes for rockwool grow blocks, slabs, sheets, and loose wool. Our rockwool blocks have less packaging and more material for added value. Rockwool is a preferred medium for its characteristics of:

  • Water retention
  • Aeration properties (for healthy roots)
  • Sterile environment (reducing the risk of pests and disease)

Better Roots, Bigger Fruits!

Whether you’re a new hydroponic gardener or an experienced grower, we have the hydroponic Rockwool supplies that you need to create healthy, bountiful yields. Shop our selection of hydroponic rockwool today and start growing fresh, flavorful fruits, vegetables, and herbs with ease.

Why Rockwool?

Rockwool is a hydroponic medium that has many benefits for your plants. It is known for its ability to retain water while still providing ample airflow to keep the roots healthy and strong. Plus, rockwool’s sterile environment reduces the risk of pests or diseases infecting your plants and causing damage.

At Green Diamond Stonewool, we offer a variety of sizes for rockwool grow blocks, sheets, slabs, and loose wool to find exactly what you need for your hydroponic operations setup.

Rockwool Grow Blocks


  • Bigger air circulation throughout the medium
  • More evenly spread root systems
  • Better water retention
  • Healthier roots
  • Sterile environment
  • Bigger yields

Rockwool cools roots, increases oxygen, and allows more nutrient efficiency.

There is high water retention in hydroponic rockwool, which makes it an ideal hydroponic growing medium. You can spend less water while still keeping your crops hydrated and happy.

With hydroponic rockwool, you can experience the benefits of healthy and robust plant roots, reduced risk of pests or diseases, cool and oxygen-rich roots, and efficient nutrient circulation. Whether you’re a commercial grower or simply looking for a way to get started with hydroponics at home, hydroponic rockwool is the ideal solution.

Our hydroponic rockwool is lightweight and easy to use, making the setup process relatively better.

Hydroponic rockwool creates a healthier environment for your plants, leading to more evenly spread root systems and better nutrient uptake. Consequently, our hydroponic rockwool can support heavier yields due to the dense network of roots it creates.

Less Packaging, More Material.

Rockwool blocks bought at stores are often packaged in boxes or are taped together, which can create mold and damage to the rockwool. Green Diamond Stonewool utilizes minimal packaging that is not only better for the environment but also ideal for the product.

We’re Your Sustainable Rockwool Provider

Green Diamond Stonewool has a repurposing process for rockwool in the Bay Area. After harvest, we take back local rockwool to repurpose it for a different industry. The benefits of this include reducing waste and keeping our product out of landfills.

Your New Growing Medium

If you’re interested in hydroponic rockwool, contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about our product or process and how we can help your growing operations today. Contact us by calling 888-980-WOOL today!


“I switched to Green Diamond and noticed the difference in my first pull. My roots were spread throughout the whole cube.”

– A. Gordon